Born Creativity Summit Courchevel 1850

The Summits of Creativity, The BORN, Courchevel 1850 (France)

We have invited to start the winter the « Ultimate Creators » from the technology centre of McLaren, to the watch manufacture TAG Heuer, the yacht specialist Edmiston, the fine wine specialist Cordier Mestrezat and champagne maker Perrier Jouet. This is an exceptional exhibition converging experiences never seen before.

The Summits of Creativity have been launched under the programme BORN ULTIMATE 4 years ago. We enter our 5th year.

The idea is to to celebrate in Courchevel (France) all the creators from different fields : architects, designers, artists, artisans from watch makers, perfume makers to fashion stylists.

We think it is important to celebrate them each year in Courchevel during the entire winter (December to April) and have different creative events mixing arts, entertainment, music and sport in this monumental pyramid, LE BORN. It is a creation itself of 30 meters high and 25 meters long.

We welcome you all to come and celebrate creativity with us.